Before You Quit Your Day Job Hire a Personal Sales Professional

Having a sales professional team in place before you quit your day job will help you transition from full-time worker to full-time entrepreneur. Think a personal sales professional is out of your reach? Are they expensive? Will they cut into your profits? What’s in it for you? Can they help build and train your team?

Hiring a Personal Sales Professional (PSP) is a big step for any entrepreneur, especially if it is a home based business. If you’re thinking about doing this, here are some things to consider. Can you afford this sales agent? Does your price points on your product or services warrant a sales professional? Is your commission split high enough to cover the cost of having a closer.

A sales professional can increase your sales and help you focus on bringing in more leads and customers. He is an asset to your company. Think of it as an investment and a tax write off. Entrepreneurs know the value of having a closer on their team and welcome the extra income.

A Personal Sales Professional is not expensive if you hire the right one. You can pay a monthly fee or a percentage of your sales. The commissions they charge can range from 10% to 40%.

Is this feasible if you are still working full-time? Yes it is! You can focus all your efforts on marketing and have your PSP close your sales. They can increase your value per customer by at least 30%.

How to Find the Right Personal Sales Professional

When hiring a PBA for your business you have to first make sure they are experienced in sales. There are a lot of assistants out there, but the majority of them do not work in sales. Another thing to look for is someone who has a good attitude about working and conversing with clients.

People skills will also lend a hand to how well they are able to deal with clients and get them to spend more money. Other things you should look for in a PBA include:

    Knowledge of your business industry Eager to do outstanding work Willing to give their all to make your company better Experience with up selling Professionalism Help train clients on your products and services

How Can a Personal Sales Professional Help

When the sales and your team grows your PSP helps out dramatically. Since sales are the most important part of your growth having a closer will help you expand your product and services.

PSP’s will be a lot more diverse than a typical personal assistant because they will be able to handle sales tasks in addition to everyday duties. This means they will work with your clients to increase sales through up selling, which will lead to higher profit margins.

It’s important that the sales professional goals align with your own, as they should understand how their closing makes a difference with your business. It’s generally best to hire an experienced professional, as they will be able to pull their expertise to close the sale after you bring in the customers.

The way that they do this is by using special techniques that they develop over the years, and they will generally use a different technique for each situation. Think of this assistant as the sales closer behind the head of the business.

A PBA can take your business to the next level by doing a different things, including touching base with leads, educating your clients on your services, and following up.

Once they work with the client they will personalize their sales pitch so that they can make them aware of all the benefits of spending more money. Their main goal is to increase sales through up selling, but they want to do it in a way that is professional and complete.

Before You Quit Your Day Job

Having a PSP in place before you quit your day job will help you make a seamless transition from employee to entrepreneur. While you are at work funding your business your PSP will be on the back-end selling your high ticket items and top-tier products.

When you have a person like this just working on sales, you will find that things free up for you. You can go out and find leads followed by sending them to your sales professional, which they will then pitch to and (hopefully) close on.

This is a cycle that can result in growth and being able to go out and be the face of your company, so it’s worth looking into. The right sales professional can make a world of difference for you and your business, no matter what size it is.