Business Success: 3 Questions You Should Ask When Prospecting a Coach (Right Answers Inside!)

Business Success: 3 Questions You Should Ask When Prospecting a Coach (Right Answers Inside!)

It’s a well known fact that regardless of the field, anyone who wants to take their success to the next level should hire a coach. But how to choose one?

At least your prospect should answer these 3 questions right.

First question: “Can you guarantee my success?”
The right answer is: “yes”.

If you get an answer like “well, that depends solely on your execution and I cannot guarantee you any results” your prospect hasn’t quite understood the concept of “coaching”.

You hire the person to do just that: help you to succeed. That’s the idea. If he can’t promise to deliver what he sells, you should move on, no matter how fond of him you might be. It’s his job in collaboration with you to determine what “success” means to you and offer his guidance on getting there.

However the next question is equally important:

Second question: “Are these goals of mine realistic?”
The right answer is: “Please provide me with your statistics xyz to determine this”.

Business is about numbers, and for the record: so should your goals be. Accurate numbers, not some vague description such as “I want to make a steady income”.

So if he hasn’t got any questions regarding your current statistics and yet he tells you your goals are realistic, that is not the right answer. Or if he can’t answer you at all, find someone who can and respect the answer.

And what kind of numbers should you have for him?

That depends highly on the maturity level of your business and the goals. Startups have very different challenges and expectations than a business with a six figure turnover.

For an online business the measurements relate to things like conversion, sales, customer and prospect databases, traffic, social media following and so on.

Remember that to make money you must spend money (or alternatively time), so prepare to answer the questions regarding those investments as well.

Third question: “What would be the first step that provides me with instant results?”
The right answer is something more tangible than “sign up this contract.”

It can be something really simple and enjoyable, only you haven’t even thought about it yourself. Or it may be something you just have been postponing because it’s uncomfortable, boring, terrifying or time consuming (but necessary). And anything in between.

Generally it’s the latter, but that’s what running a business often is, unless you change your attitude. Tasks can be hard or challenging, unavoidable or compelling and boring or developable by choice. The only difference is your perspective.