Get Money Fast And Free! Do You Really Think You Can?

Get Money Fast And Free! Do You Really Think You Can?


There are over 290 Million websites promising free money fast. These seem to be divided into three major groups:

1. Borrow Money: There are people and companies that will be happy to lend you cash and you can get it fast. However, it is not free. Depending on the source (Bank, Loan Company, Friend) the cost can be amazingly high. Sure, you can apply for free just know that there will be a catch and you will have to pay it back.

2. Get paid for your Time: You can find a website, friend, acquaintance, neighbor willing to pay you for your time. Complete surveys, babysit, walk dogs, shop for people. Generally, these methods are close to free but they are not fast. There is a limit to how much people can pay for these services. And a limit on how many you can do in the time available.

3. Sell your stuff: Plasma, an old bicycle, the gift you got from who knows who that has been sitting around for years. eBay, pawn shops, yard sales, all relatively free. The downside is, you eventually run out of stuff to sell.

What can you do when you need more income?

Too much month at the end of the money is a common refrain. You could take another job and sacrifice time with your family. However, consider other alternatives:

First, drop the expectation of Fast and Free. There is a cost associated with fast. Generally, faster means more expensive, like a sports car or race horse. This cost can be dollars or time. Either way, you have to pay the price.

Second, determine how much additional you will need on an ongoing basis. Say you need a newer car, vacation or other specific goal. Determine when you will need the money and count back to today. Divide the total need by the number of weeks to get the additional cash required each week to meet your goal.

Third, determine how much time you have to devote to producing income. If you have young children or significant after school activities; your available time is limited. Can you find 2-2.5 hours a day (that’s 10 – 15 hours/week)?

Connecting with the right team and leveraging your time should create the biggest benefit in terms of income. This is the key to any significant work from home strategy. Without leverage and support, you may make a few dollars per hour and become frustrated knowing that there is more available if only you knew how to connect with it.