Home Based Business Idea – Garage Sale Organizer

Being a Professional Garage Sale Organizer

You probably have seen garage sales every weekend or at least see the signs for them. Maybe you have gone to a yard or garage sale and saw the way that they items were displayed and thought that it could be laid out better and the person selling the items could have made much more money if they had it displayed nicer. There are people who will go around and set up garage sales setting up the displays and even putting signs up for the successful garage sales. This could be you. The professional garage sale organizer does just that.

What is a Yard Sale Organizer?

This person will look at all the items that the person is trying to sell and determine the best place on the tables that the item should be placed so it will sale during the timeframe. They will also aid in pricing the items for the largest profit for the seller. The organizer will place the signs at strategic locations to get the most traffic to the sale, and may even give tips where they ads should be placed so the most amount of people will see it. They will be there during the sale assisting the sellers.

How to become one

You will want to get a business license, and get some business cards to hand out to promote your new business. You will need to inquire with your insurance agent to see if additional coverage is needed to protect you from damaging something at someone else house.

What you will do

After looking at the items, you will want to find places to place the items to sell quickly. For bigger items that are too huge to haul out for the sale, and to prevent many people from entering the house, you will want to take photos and place them so people can see them and ask about them. Pricing will be needed on the items. Determine the most that you can get for a piece without having the customers thinking it’s overpriced. Make sure that there is enough help at the sale so that areas are covered in case people have questions about items. Be ready to barter with customers.

Being a professional yard sale organizer is very rewarding home based business that you can make money and only work part-time. Sometimes you don’t need to stay during the sale allowing you to have more clients during the week telling them the steps they need to take to get set up and to have a successful garage sale.