Home Based Business: Top 3 Ways To Earn An Income Online

Innovation: The process of transforming ideas into sustainable societal impact. The part time home based income building opportunities that I have highlighted below, came directly from innovative companies that are transforming their ideas into real and meaningful societal impact. These opportunities are changing the world!

Since the late 1990’s, there has been exponential growth in the number of home based business entrepreneurs worldwide. The world wide web has since been providing the globe with a virtual marketplace that allows companies and individuals to do business and create income by reaching a world wide audience 24/7. However, up until recently, it has been quite a difficult process to setup an online presence for a business, and it has been even harder to actually get an income stream flowing from the internet to our bank accounts.

Oh how the times have changed!

it is now incredibly easy and relatively inexpensive to actually start making a decent amount of income from the comfort of your own home. There are quite a few online companies that have established avenues that the common person can travel to start earning a paycheck from home. These companies have created platforms where the exchange of goods and services are facilitated by the end user, but not the company itself. This type of business innovation has allowed the common person to be able to plug directly into these platforms and start earning money immediately if they so choose. There are many of these opportunities available, but I want to highlight my top three picks.

The Top 3 Ways To Make Easy Money Online:

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1. Fiverr.com

This company has innovated a unique platform for people to advertise and purchase goods and services for only $5. If you have skills that you would like to leverage in order to start receiving internet income, this is a great place to start. It takes less that 5 minutes to create an account, and then you will be on your way to creating your first “gig”. Gigs are what Fiverr has called the small jobs that the users advertise for $5. You can essentially create any gig that you like, from creating an animation, to writing a short story. You decide what skills you want to use to create some income, and then you create a gig that will be advertised on the website for the whole world to see. People from all around the world are looking to pay 5$ for small and quick goods and services. Here are the basic categories that Fiverr uses to facilitate the exchange of goods and services:

Video & Animation
Graphics & Design
Programming & Tech
Music & Audio
Fun & Bizarre
Online Marketing
Writing & Translation

If you are itching to get some money flowing in your bank account, I recommend checking out Fiverr today!

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon has long been one of the most innovative companies that the world has ever seen. Amazon does more business in a week than some small countries do in an entire year. They have a global reach, and they have mastered the process of internet and network marketing to the point that they are now making their services available to the masses as a turnkey engine to create wealth.

Amazon’s service platform called mechanical turk is an awesome place to earn an income online. This platform is quite similar to Fiverr, however there is the potential for quite a bit more money to be involved. The mechanical turk platform is designed to cater to people with technical skills and internet know how, but there are also ways for the average person to create an income as well. Amazon has named their income earning opportunities “HITs”, similar to Fiverr’s “Gigs”. As I write this, i am seeing HITs on the turk website that will pay someone almost $40 to watch new movies that are coming out, and review the content. There are HITs from all different categories of business and commerce, from taking surveys and reading articles, to editing website content and writing twitter feeds. There is an endless possibility to create an income here.

It is also incredibly easy to set up an account on the mechanical turk site, and you can start earning money right away! This platform is another great way to get out of the box and start earning an income.

3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Everyone has some kind of unique expertise and perspective in their lives. Creating income online from the comfort of your own home is all about sharing expertise and perspective with the world, and being able to master the positioning that will bring a lot of exposure and income. Amazon has again innovated an awesome service that is almost too good to be true. Amazon has stepped into the arena of publishing, and they want to help the little guys get their information, expertise and perspective into the limelight.

Amazon has created a publishing service for the world to use in order to publish and sell their literary and technical works. The first thing that anyone must do in order to start earning an income from Amazon Kindle Publishing, is to write a book. This book doesn’t have to be a 1000 page epic novel, or a highly detailed technical manual, the book just needs to be a concise and valuable informational or entertaining work. Take an area of life that holds high value or interest, and write about it! Share perspectives, ideas, tips and tricks, insights, on how to do something. Create a fictional short story that is aimed to entertain and educate children. Write a “how to guide” on a topic that brings value to the reader. Amazon allows writers to create works in any variety and any category, and then Amazon does the rest.

Amazon will take your writing and turn it into an eBook. They will then advertise and market your eBook within the proper categories to the whole world! You do the writing, they do the publishing and the marketing, you make money every time someone buys your book. How awesome is that? There is exponential growth in the digital book industry. People are reading more and more online, and reading less paper copies. The opportunity exists with Amazon to create an eBook that has the potential to create a passive income stream that can last for a very long time, paying you month after month for doing the work of writing a book just one time.

The top 3 ways to earn income online are straightforward and rather simple, which is why I like them so much! The secret to earning money quickly and often through any of these home based business opportunities is to get out there and start working. Putting forth a little bit of work and effort every week, staying consistent, and maintaining a positive attitude, are essential when building an income machine through the internet. These top 3 ways to create income are easy to understand, and they are easy to accomplish when you put your mind to work. There is a shipload of money out there waiting for us to earn it, all we have to do is put forth the effort!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the top 3 ways to start earning an income online today, and I urge you to check out these opportunities right now! The world economy is in the middle of a very large transformation, and I believe that the future of the internet holds the key to creating lasting wealth. The days of creating a brick and mortar business that will stand the test of time are coming to an end, and it is time to start creating income easily and efficiently through the power of the internet.