Home Business – Staying in the Game

Sometimes our lives take sudden turns and we have to take detours. Some examples may be that we had thought that we had X number of hours to devote to our business when we started out and then our hours at our day job increased; Or our financial picture may change where we have seen something increase in cost and now we don’t have as much to use for operating our business; Or we have had a full-time job and been building our home business slowly, part-time and we find out that the day job will be ending and we need to find another full-time position right away.

Ideally we would be able to devote more time to our home business and make that our primary source of income. The point is that either way, no matter what, don’t quit. If your plan was to do it one way, don’t give up just because your plan has to change when life gets in the way! Make a new plan, go a different way. The point is not to make your home business expendable. Would you just throw your job away if your situation changed? Maybe, but you would need to find another one to replace it or another way to earn a living.

Many people do not really take their home business seriously – and as such they never really succeed in any substantial way to earn money. ‘You get what you pay for’ – and ‘pay’ can mean expending your time and energy and other resources including money. However if a million different things always take precedence over doing the work you need to do to develop your business, you are obviously not sticking to any plan where your business is concerned.

People often have ‘buyer’s remorse’ and this wouldn’t happen quite as much if they had a real plan that includes a budget and a schedule. Realize what your expenses are and take stock of how much money you actually have to cover them and by what date. Anything left over, then that is what you have to work with to support something extra like starting a business. Don’t be surprised and call it ‘unexpected’ changes to your financial situation when the mortgage comes due! Make sure you have it covered FIRST.

There is a certain ‘crazed’ mindset that can go with ‘shopping’ and business opportunity shopping can be one of the worst because of the expectation of a return on the investment. While everything is a gamble, make it an educated gamble so you don’t just waste your time and money. Don’t speculate that you will get the money back right away and therefore it is fine to go into debt, or spend money that is already committed such as for living expenses or bills.

You may say well OK then I guess I can’t do this – yes you can – just find another way – If you are totally serious you will find a way to put $5-10 aside every time you have money. If you really intend to start a real business – you will find $5-10 from various places when you decide to make your business a priority. Keep it real. Take it seriously.