How To Delegate Work To A Virtual Assistant

Why should you get a virtual assistant? Because presence does not always mean productivity and you’re not paying for overhead cost that comes with having an employee in an office. When do you need a VA? When your business is growing by the minute and you’re doing more work than you can manage. Having an assistant, you will ensure that all your tasks get done and nothing gets overlooked. You can even hire more than one assistant if you want so your tasks will be finished faster. What does a virtual assistant do? A virtual assistant will handle all the tasks that you delegate to them. Delegation is the key to hiring a virtual assistant. You will still have full control of your work but you will be spending less time over the small details leaving more time for you to concentrate on the more important stuff.

Here are the steps on how to delegate tasks to your virtual assistant:

First you have to lay out all the tasks that need to be done for the day or the week. Pick out the tasks that need your utmost attention and take those out of the list. These tasks would involve things like planning and business analysis or create a new business strategy. You do the items that involve business creation and looking for more opportunities to grow the business and to really push it to where it can go. The second step is to look at the remaining tasks on your list. Decide which ones need to be done first. Think about how much time each task would consume and then create a timeline or a schedule for each of those tasks. Make sure you set deadlines which are also reasonable. If you give an assistant 10 moderately difficult tasks in a day, you can’t expect him or her to finish that all in the same day. Send over the tasks you’ve listed and the timeline you made to your assistant(s). At this point, you must know your assistants fairly well, like their abilities and capabilities. What are their strengths, weaknesses, and where do they excel? By knowing these, you can effectively get the most out of them. You can find these things out during your interviews. After you’ve delegated the tasks, let them give their feedback on the tasks at hand. Ask them if it’s doable and if can they meet the deadlines or not. After you’ve mastered delegation of tasks and you’ve figured out where your employees excel the most, you can now give them more autonomy and responsibility. Having employees make their own decisions and be proactive with their work can free you up to decide on more pressing matters and focus on growing the business. Create departments if you can but make sure there is still a defined hierarchy-that they should still report to you.

Giving employees responsibilities that are challenging and are important to the business can promote growth and job satisfaction. They will be motivated to do their best and achieve the most that they can. Hiring virtual assistant services can prove to be a positive move especially for small business owners who are still at the start up stage. A virtual office means you do not have to rent out an actual office and take a big chunk of your budget that could have otherwise gone to more investments and growth.