How to Find the Best Work From Home Jobs

On a scale of one to ten of how busy they were, most people would probably rate themselves closer to a six or a seven. Work and sleep are the mandatory sixteen plus hours, and a social life typically stems from whatever’s left in a twenty-four hour day. And when you add children, family, emergencies (either your own or involving your kids) and whatever else should pop up in that schedule, the inflexibility of work and your (hopefully!) eight hours of sleep simply can’t cope with it. But, report experts, working from home is becoming easier and easier. Jobs that can easily be done from home or a remote location not only save the company money by granting the ability to sanction physical resources, but provide the every-day clock puncher an opportunity to get more done at their leisure.

Here are some of the best documented work from home jobs:

Medical Transcriptionist

There’s been a steady demand for medical jobs as time has passed, and this one even involves not having to venture to the hospital. It’s a demanding job, typically requiring classes full of medical jargon and difficult to decipher audio. But, good transcriptionists are always high in demand and the pay is worth it – with median salaries of almost $16 an hour.

Web Developer / Designer

Have you ever been to a website that’s left a lasting impression on you? One that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with little to no problems experienced, and easy to navigate? A little bit of coding is all it takes, every-day knowledge that you can run across on the internet with the simple click of a mouse. Thousands of requests for developers and designers pop up on the internet every single day ranging from basic to intermediate knowledge bases, with the income proportionate to each one.


In all ranges of education, there are opportunities for students to learn virtually. Along with that come opportunities to teach (and tutor) virtually. While distance learning is not new, advances in technology and collaborative software allows teachers and students to take learning out of the classroom and move it to the comfort of their own homes – which, for students that are unable to learn in a classroom setting for one reason or another – is a godsend. Income depends on how many hours and what you’re teaching.


For those that enjoy telling the daily grind from their perspective and know how to make it interesting, blogging is surprisingly lucrative – and quite a bit of fun. There’s money to be found in blogging, either through revenue sharing or using someone else’s website. Ranging from $4 an hour to up to $20, it isn’t a half-bad deal to tell the world how much you enjoyed that pastrami sandwich from second street. And everyone, be smart with your applications; no one likes to get scammed, and there’s very little room for error when you’ve still got to put food on the table.