How to Make Timing, Tutoring, Temptation and Territory Into a Terrific Home Based Business (Really)

How can you take advantage of the changes happening with Google, the economy, the home based business industry and fly for the sky starting today?

Have you noticed how major factors in our lives are getting faster, less expensive and all while functioning much better? Like what?

Well, cars for example… It wasn’t that long ago that they fell apart fast. Today, 100,000 miles is low mileage. How about websites? It wasn’t long ago you could pay $800 and you could get a website built that looked terrible and worked badly. Today, you can get a free website that does pretty good, can’t you? The list goes on.

Yes, my wife and I are from the “The glass is half full” side of life – the positive side.

17 years ago we took a break from waterfront real estate development to represent a health product we were using. We used direct mail. We did meetings. We made over $1 million in 4.5 years and we had a blast doing it – we even took the kids on a 5 month vacation.

We have not participated in networking marketing for 17 years. We are excited about the prospects for the industry today. Why? It is because of technology and the following reasons:

What about Timing?

Yes, timing! 17 years ago we were in the middle of a recession. People were looking to make money from home – does that sound familiar? People WANT what you have to offer today. They didn’t want it in 2006 when everyone was too busy to depositing their cash in the bank. Yes, the timing is perfect now.

What about Tutoring?

Yes, tutoring because it is so much easier to watch videos, attend webinars and get people interested compared to the old days of dragging stuff to set up at a meeting! Everything can be taught online, any time (thank you very much).

What about Temptation?

Yes, temptation. It is because of technology that temptation now works well – it allows truly valuable systems, education and ideas to be given away as motivation for people to take action. Did I say “valuable?” Yes, education – great education is valuable. Our son has a $200,000 business degree. We helped with cash. He is making the payment on $85,000 of college debt. It is important for all of us to realize that great education products have great value.

What about Territory?

Yes, territory. In the old days it was not practical for a brand new company to be in 180 countries instantly. Today, that is a reality! Why? Again, it is because of education products, website products and other products which allow the user to generate leads by instantly delivering product anywhere in the world.

What about Terrific?

How do you take the above information and make it into a terrific home based business – a business that can really provide a solid income, while you don’t have a boss or all the expenses of keeping a job?

Here’s how:

Search for a new company with a lot of “experience depth” in the ownership and staff. In other words, a fresh opportunity means it is more likely that the company will have a cutting edge pay plan, tools and market target. At the same time, you need people with depth of knowledge so that the value proposition is truly a proposition of value.

Find a company that is selling products that can be delivered anywhere in the world over the internet. Find a company that facilitates the growth of your group by focusing on tools which make it possible for you to grow your business in your pajamas.

Fill all those requirements and one more:

Make sure the company has a Major Give Away Tool so that you can provide awesome value to a stranger, for free – and NOT “free” with strings or time limits.


It is because when you give a gift that is really valuable and really free people sit up and take notice. Did you know that “Free” is the # 1 marketing word, period?

With all my heart I hope you find the opportunity you are looking for. I sincerely hope the opportunity you find fulfills the points above.

What should you do next?