How to Pick the Perfect Niche in 10 Minutes Flat

How to Pick the Perfect Niche in 10 Minutes Flat

Fact: The BIGGEST obstacle that you face in earning what you are worth is NOT a lack of information.

Instead? It’s a lack of focus.

And not just focusing on too many things… but focusing on the WRONG things as well.

It always amazes me how many people decide to start an online business and then spend weeks, months or years trying to pick the “perfect” niche.

The truth is, there IS no perfect niche. There is only the perfect niche for YOU. Your passions. Your sense of purpose. The niche that honors YOUR unique gifts, and your unique skills as well.

If I could point to the one thing that derails people from succeeding, it’s simply trying to fit other peoples ideas into our own idea of what we need to do to replicate that success. Every person has a unique journey… and I truly believe that discovering what you are MEANT to do, and feeling called, inspired, pushed or pulled in a specific direction is the ONLY true way to do what you LOVE for a living. (and earn what you are truly worth in the process)

Here are 5 simple questions that will reveal the perfect niche for you. They certainly weren’t “discovered” by me… but rather, these core questions have been re-written, and re-imagined by many spiritual teachers, and more recently… personal development “gurus” for helping ordinary people live extraordinary lives. (I first heard these at a TED talk a few years back, and it inspired me to create my own unique spin on this process for my own clients of PASSION professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs)

Q1: Who are YOU?
Q2: WHAT do you DO?
Q3: WHO do you do it for?
Q4: What do they truly need or want?
Q5: How do their lives change, transform when you do it for them?

The truth is, this may sound like a very simple process, but asking yourself EMPOWERING questions is the very best way to discover what it is that you truly are here to do.

Not only that, it will help you identify your ideal audience… or perfect client as well.

And, when you continue to drill down on this equation, and add layers of dimension and detail to the process, you can literally discover all sorts of things about yourself, your life, and your sense of connection or karma to a community of people that you may never have realized was there all along.
As we start a new year… give yourself the GIFT of a lifetime. Find out what it is that you are here to do. And then go do it. (no gimmicks, and NO gurus required!)