HOW to Pick What YOU Want to DO (And Stop Wasting Time and Money FAST)

HOW to Pick What YOU Want to DO (And Stop Wasting Time and Money FAST)

HOW to Pick What YOU Want to DO (And Start Making Money With it FAST)

You can ask friends. You can wear your weary fingers down doing Google searches. You can search your soul and become sore from walking the floor. In the end, the slice of life where you work must be something you enjoy in order for you to stay sane and make money.

Yes, you can make money (excellent money) doing any number of jobs or businesses which you will hate. The hidden price of that is of course, your 7th course at dinner, that one last bottle of wine in an evening of bottles of wine and / or any number of destructive behaviors.

The other side of the coin – the same coin – is finding exactly what you want to do while digging for coins in the couch so you can get another one of those 54 cent burritos down at Dalton’s Taco Stand.

It can be a funny topic – and a tragic topic – many people waste days, weeks and decades trying to decide. They are basically waiting to start their lives until they find that one thing, but the “the bell” that rings out the answer never seems to ring!

What is the solution? Pick a “Universal Career” which will compliment any career you will eventually pick. How do you do that? What is a universal career?

HR for example, is a universal career. HR stands for Human Resources. It is a career you can enter without any formal education, yet the earning potential is huge. As an HR worker or “Head Hunter” you will come across and learn about many careers while fitting people with skills and employers looking for the same, together. Part of your job will be interviewing many people while learning about their careers. The skills you gain in HR will be very valuable in any career you eventually choose.

A second universal career choice is sales (oh no, I typed a dirty word). Get over your aversion to sales right now. Everything must be sold. Certainly there is something you like well enough that you could learn to sell it! Again, the skills you’ll develop while selling will help you through all of your life regardless what your dream job or business turns out to be.

The 3rd Universal Career:

Lead Generation. Why lead generation? It is because leads are the feed for everything (and I mean everything) we do as humans. If you are looking for a dog, you ask people about dogs and ask where they would suggest that you find a good dog – you are looking for leads when you do that.

Every single thing we do in life, including our job or business involves leads and lead generation, doesn’t it? Please, stop, put down the phone and back up slowly. Sit in the easy chair and stare at the wall and ponder this… where would any of us be without leads?

Even your current job – you probably got it because someone somewhere gave you a lead about a possible job. Leads are the starting gate and fuel our lives run on – like it or not.

What if you were to become a master of lead generation? What would that be worth? Did you know that many people pay up to $100,000 for a solid lead? Let’s say you are selling luxury yachts – what would pay? What would you pay for a lead that ended in you selling $50,000,000 (fifty million) in medical devices and your commission was $5 million?

Don’t be frozen in teen-time delivering pizzas. Don’t get stuck like a truck in the muck and out of luck in a job that sucks. Take the time now, to quickly learn a UNIVERSAL SKILL – once you climb that hill, the rest of it is just cake. Once you have the skills of a Universal Career, you will relax and your true main career will reveal itself.

POSITION yourself NOW for progress and profit with a Universal Career. A meaningful, miraculous and motivating moment will explode like a bright light within you when you choose a Universal Career!