Is MLM Really Hard? Discover Easiest Way to Become a Millionaire, Even During Economic Recession

Is it really an exaggeration that a network marketer can’t earn millions from a MLM business? Is it really hard to reach the million-dollar goal? Even though, there are claims that it is only the up-line distributors that make all the money, how then could a new recruit make great fortunes? Here, you would discover the easiest way to become a millionaire in today’s economy.

First and foremost, it’s worth stating that if you don’t have wealthy parents whose assets you can inherit after their demise, you have to discover other sure ways to be a millionaire in present times that are known for frequent economic recession. On the average, 10% of American families have assets that are worth over a million dollars. Today, this figure is highly unpredictable; sometimes, it tends to decrease as a result of the unstable economy.

7 Myths in the Millionaire Circle

In spite of the economic recession, more and more Americans are becoming rich today. Peradventure, that’s why so many people believe that wealth is meant for a certain set of lucky people. If you want to break yourself free from poverty, you must overcome the following myths:

* To earn millions of dollars, you must have a very high IQ.

* To be rich, you must own a corporation or a conglomerate.

* To become a millionaire, you should strive to be a senior executive.

* To make millions of dollars, you must be a sophisticated stock market investor.

* To be rich in life, you need to win lottery.

* To be rich overnight, you will have to inherit assets that are worth millions of dollars from a benefactor.

* To be a wealthy person, you need to be a music or movie star.

To some people, each myth represents the quickest and the easiest way to be a millionaire, and that there are no other options apart from them. Well, these are not true. In fact, they are somewhat hard ways to be rich because of the requirements or conditions associated with such options. What then would be the hope of people who have not been to a high school? They can definitely create wealth, provided they discover the easiest way to be a millionaire today. If the afore-mentioned myths have taken over your mindset, you wouldn’t have the drive to pursue the creation of lasting wealth. They would render you handicapped.

Being a Millionaire in the MLM Circle

Now, let’s go back to the subject of becoming a millionaire through a MLM business, believing that you already have an open mind and the right mentality. Could MLM be the easiest way to be a millionaire? The answer varies. It all depends on the company and its products. Generally speaking, if you want to make great fortunes, you need to know the basic things that the business requires. It is wrong to claim that it is the up-line members of a MLM company that grow richer and richer while the down-line members struggle to make money.

Of course, the person who directly recruits you into the network marketing circle would be rewarded based on your performance, but it wouldn’t be at your own expense; the company must pay the commissions which primarily should not affect your own rewards. For instance, if you were to promote Organo Gold, a MLM company that has the potential to generate millions of dollars for its marketers, you could earn up to $150 on a single product pack you sell. It takes about 100 packs per month to make $1 million dollars in the next 6 years. This calculation is based on direct selling alone. What if you build a sales team? You would make millions of dollars faster.

Secrets of the Successful Marketers

It’s ideal to learn from those who have a good track record or experience in the business. Here are some of the major basics of MLM businesses:

* Define what you want: don’t let strange myths or wrong beliefs about the business affect you. What would you like to achieve from your business? That is, set a financial goal for yourself and stick to it.

* Develop a good marketing strategy: you must follow proven steps to reach the goal.

* Give yourself time: true wealth does not come overnight. It takes time to build wealth; don’t let failed attempts discourage you.

* ‘Start small, grow big’: this is a great maxim. Begin with a project that you can manage and then build on it as you gain experience.

With all these facts, you would find out that when opting for the easiest way to be a millionaire, which, of course, is a viable MLM business, you must make up your mind to follow the required process in terms on the right mentality, the right network of distributors, the right products, and the right marketing procedures.