MLM Lead Generation Through Blog Syndication Strategies

MLM Lead Generation Through Blog Syndication Strategies

What I will teach you today is how to generate leads through the simple art of blogging and using syndication strategies to get more exposure in record speed, thus achieving a nice lead flow over time, and that could easily mean a few sales soon enough, which could lead you to your desired lifestyle much quicker.

What is interesting about having a blog is that you can tailor it to whatever MLM opportunity you’re with, meaning, if you are promoting coffee products you can have a blog that is related to ENTIRELY coffee, such as the benefits, different ways to make it, different mixes, the ingredients, etc. There are so many things you, or someone you hire, can write about.

The process is simple as well, as what you must do is simply do some basic keyword research to see what people are interested in in the first place. For example, let’s say you are using the Google Keyword Planner to do basic research and you see that the search term, ‘buy green coffee beans’ has 590 searches per month, well now you know that a certain amount of people are looking to actually buy these beans.

So, what if you create a blog post talking about green coffee beans, where they are from, maybe some personal stories about how you started using them and you love the taste so much it reminds you of a childhood memory, or a time and place where everything was just magical, and everything simply felt right.

Let’s also say that your content is so compelling that people keep reading about you and your personal experience with green coffee beans and all of a sudden they scroll to the bottom of the page and you say, “Click the link below right now and enter your email to find out more amazing content related to coffee”, and they click the link, enter their emails and all of a sudden you have a highly interested lead in your business.

Here’s what you do next: You simply go ahead and give them value related to your company, such as the benefits of drinking coffee, the taste, the experience that becomes possible because of your opportunity, or even the health benefits related to your products, and let’s say you include a link that says, “Click here to buy our coffee.” Now you officially have a system set up where you generate leads for your MLM and you can also drive new customers on a daily basis through these strategies.