Open Your Eyes to Giving

We are now days from Christmas, and one thing I would like to do is to open your eyes to giving.

Many of us are rushing around buying things for people who we aren’t really that close to, or who don’t want what we have to offer. While it’s easy to get into the habit of trying to impress, to please, and to better ourselves in the eyes of others, it’s not really beneficial on many levels Yes, we’ve all done it. But, does it really get us anywhere, and is it appreciated?

OK, so for you, outside of those you’re really close to, is it necessary for any of us to give your neighbor’s cousin’s dog a diamond collar when all he needs is a bone? Granted, there are many who need what we have to offer. If that’s the case, then give it. I’m not against giving at all. I love giving, but I know that for myself, I’ve given many unnecessary gifts over the years that would have gone to better use had they been given to someone who really needed and appreciated them.

For me, gift giving is special and fun. I love seeing my grandchildren light up with joy, giggles and then load us up with hugs… that will keep a fire burning in me forever.

Some or us tend to get wrapped up in the season of giving, and give without thinking. Loving God and each other is really what Christmas is about. Giving items that will be re-gifted, thrown away, or only brought out when we go to that home, is a waste of time and money in my opinion.

Does this open your eyes to giving the right things?

Though I will lavish my family with things from my heart, and what my wallet can buy, I will also give to those in need. There are many unemployed and in dire circumstances, and just a little help could make a difference for them this Christmas. I urge you to think about your giving, and consider forgoing the unnecessary, and impracticable, and include giving to those in need.

Give of Yourself

You can always give of your time. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks crafting with our grandchildren. Pinterest has some great ideas to inspire young minds, and create wonderful sugarplum memories.

Other ways to give:

    Sing a little song, to lighten someone’s spiritWrite a little poem, or send a card to someone who is down, or lonelyShovel a elderly person’s drivewayGive an elderly neighbor a lift to the doctor or groceryBake a little extra to give to neighbors, friends, or a homeless shelterFix a meal for a single parent to give them a breakGive a dollar or pennies to a charity (a little goes a long way when given by many)

This year open your eyes to giving in better ways.

Merry Christmas!