Seasonal Services to Earn Holiday Cash

The festive season is a perfect occasion to find options to create additional income, as more people are in the frame of mind to spend. Instead of merely joining the shopping line with your cart full of holiday goods, start looking around for things that you can do to earn from others.

Let’s consider some of the services you can provide which can supply you with extra income during the holidays:

Decorating service

If you follow the words of the popular song, “Deck the halls with boughs of holly,” you could be in the money this season. Most stores and many larger offices are usually willing to pay for a professionally designed holiday look, while some homeowners might be happy to get expert help in decorating their houses for parties.

Party planning

If you love to organise events and have knack for getting things to run smoothly, this could be your key to a profitable seasonal income. Whether it’s an office party or home soiree, most persons would be happy to hire someone else to deal with the stress of organising the proceedings, as no one wants their holiday event to be a flop!

Holiday entertainment

Even if the thought of dressing up as Santa Claus doesn’t appeal to you, there are still other ways to provide suitable entertainment for the holidays. If you can sing or play an instrument, then you could find opportunities to earn from your talents at a number of school or church events. If you have a vast music collection, you could also provide background music for parties.

Event catering

No holiday event is complete without a sumptuous meal, so catering services will always be in demand. If you love to cook and have the ability to prepare food for lots of people, then this can be your time to make money. Many people are looking to outsource their holiday cooking needs, so promote your service at workplaces, churches or around your community.

Personal shopping

There are a number of people who feel obligated to get presents for loved ones, but don’t have the time to search for them, or may be hopeless at choosing appropriate gifts. If you have a keen eye for sourcing the right items and you love to cruise the malls, then you could provide a personal shopping service. What better way to earn than to spend someone else’s money?

Gift packaging

Sometimes it’s not the actual present that makes an impact, but the fancy packaging that really creates the appeal. Even inexpensive items can be arranged in a basket or wrapped with unusual covering to create a classy gift. If you have the creativity to make luxurious packages, then this is the perfect time to market your talent.

Errand service

The busyness of the holidays inevitably brings traffic congestion and longer lines, and generally more time is needed to accomplish simple tasks. How about providing an errand service for busy persons who can’t get around or elderly persons who are intimidated by the holiday rush? You could pay bills, buy groceries, deliver presents and carry out other basic tasks for them.

Baby sitting

With all the parties and social events happening at this time, parents of young children will be looking out responsible persons who can offer baby sitting services. While missing the festivities and staying at home on New Year’s Eve may cramp your own entertainment style, your sacrifices can lead to repeat business and more money next year!

Part-time work

The end-of-year holiday period is traditionally the peak time for many stores and companies, and they usually require extra workers to deal with the increased business. Other places may need persons to fill in for employees who go on leave. Packing boxes, wrapping presents, answering the telephone or office cleaning, are just some of the part-time services you can provide.

So, instead of just spending your money over the holidays, I encourage you to take advantage of the varied income-generating opportunities that the season brings!