SEO: Save Crazy Money Using a Reliable Out-Sourced Code Writer (And How You Can Find One As Well)

The new way to get SEO (search engine optimization) is with correctly constructed content websites.

The new real estate boom is online real estate. Regardless of what you need built in the online construction world, you need a code writer.

Code is the language of computing.

There are many code languages. Asking a computer to write code in the USA – to do anything for you – is an expensive proposition. On the other hand, if you can AFFORD to ask a code writer to do work for you – suddenly, the online world is your oyster. Why?

Imagine having a website built, complete with shopping cart for 20% of what it will cost you state side. AND when it is built, it is yours. None of this getting “trapped in the web” of a website builder who will now charge you crazy amounts of money to make changes.

What is outsourcing?

In the internet age, you can employ people all over the world to help you with web based projects. If you can describe what you want, you can get a bid and get it done in any of 100 countries around the globe.

Now, before you say, “Well that’s just taking a job from an American” or “Doing that is feeding sweat shops overseas” – please slow down and think this out. If you need a code writer but can’t afford $50 to $100 an hour – you are not going to use a one. You will not be bringing your idea or your new business to the world because of this simple fact. Yes, you will pay an overseas code writer a lot less money, but that code writer lives in an economy where everything cost a lot less.

Think about your business and what you could do.

Let’s say there are 3 existing websites (not owned by you) that you like very much. You can type a description of the elements you want from each of the 3 and describe how you want all the elements combined into an original website for you. You’ll be given a price. The job will be completed – no technical skill is required on your part! How cool is that?


The latest thinking for SEO is for you to have several websites, rich in content in other names – the purpose being to provide quality links to your main website. Using a code writer for the website set up is a great idea. Combined with super cheap hosting, you’ll have very little ongoing expense.

Get content created in the U.S. or Canada.

Use outsourcing for a code writer but not a content writer. It is very difficult to find a person who’s original or primary language is not American English who can write American style content – don’t try.

How can you find an honest, reliable overseas code writer who will understand you?

Just because you should not use someone in a foreign country to write content for the U.S. market, doesn’t mean you can’t find a code writer who will understand your emails to them. Writing content and effective communication are two different things.

Finding a great code writer who is honest, low cost, reliable and who can understand you is possible but not easy. The first place to look is probably… is a website system by which you can evaluate code writers by the reviews left for them.

Once you pick a CW, you can give them a small job to do and test their work. And like any relationship in the U.S., work to build a relationship of trust with your code writer. Even though you code writer may be on the other side of the globe, you can build a lasting business relationship that is productive.

If you know someone you think may be using an offshore CW. Consider asking them for recommendation.


The world is rapidly becoming one community. You can literally save a fortune and accelerate your business by accessing other parts of that community.

What should you do next?