Six Ways To Make Extra Money Without Investing

Six Ways To Make Extra Money Without Investing

Who couldn’t use a little more cash these days? If you’ve been wondering how, here are six practical ideas that can get you started with no money down.

Renting A Room In Your Home

One of the most consistent ways to make extra money is by becoming a landlord. College students, travelers and other people may be interested in renting a room or converted garage from you for a pretty decent fee. If you’ve got the space, spiff it up and advertise it. Make sure you treat tenants fairly and screen them thoroughly before welcoming them into your home. The Internet is a great resource to use for background checks at no charge. If your home is particularly quaint, call yourself a Bed and Breakfast and make even more money.

Going To The Dogs

Walking dogs and pet sitting have become more and more popular of late, primarily because people have just become too busy to keep up with everything in life. If you’ve got the spare time yourself, put it to good use by making extra money looking after animals. Don’t accept any out of control dogs, instead walk only those who comply with simple commands. Build yourself a reputation as a trusted source for dog lovers to depend on, and you should have a decent part-time income in no time at all.

Tapping Your Creative Side

Come holiday time, you could put together Christmas wreathes and sell them in your neighborhood. Paintings of all kinds sell, simply because they strike people in a certain way. If you have any artistic talent at all, put it to good use! Advertise locally for special occasions, or look for a long-term contract supplying a retailer with items you make. Use pictures to sell your creations and word-of-mouth to promote yourself as a pleasant and reliable merchandiser.

Selling Your “Stuff”

You don’t have to make something in order to sell it, there only needs to be a market. If you haven’t been to a second-hand store lately, check one out near you. They’re usually very busy. Set up shop online and offer things you don’t use at a deep discount. Chances are good that somebody over the ether will want it. Find a good connection for something (anything) wholesale, and let that be your main attraction. An online storefront usually costs you nothing, and there’s no limit to what you can sell. Stop at every yard and estate sale. Look for close out sales and going out of business situations where you can really capitalize. Many people have found this one of the best ways to make extra money and they love doing it.

May I Borrow Your Car?

Ride rental businesses are popping up all over the country, and they do quite well. You don’t have to worry about insurance or other costs, because the rental agency takes care of that for you. So long as you’ve got a late model vehicle in good shape that you don’t use too often, it should be a great tool to make you some extra cash on the side without ever having to make an investment or really even do any work.

Cashing In On Your Expertise

Consulting is big business, and it doesn’t matter what you know so long as you know it well. Consider renting yourself out for a nice fee and doing what you already know. If you’ve got a lot of experience as a carpenter, put a free ad up online and offer to do weekend jobs. Maybe you spent years at an interior decorating firm – why not advertise yourself as an experienced consultant now? Set your own price and hours, then enjoy the added income.

There are many ways to make extra money with little or no investment involved. Put your thinking cap on today, and you should have more money in your pocket by next week or even sooner!