Starting Your Home Business for Less for Baby Boomers and Others

Home based businesses is the non-traditional way that some of the baby boomer generation (folks born between 1946-1964 approx 70 million plus) is generating income to retire comfortably. Unfortunately most Boomers do not have the financial resources to start businesses that require large capital outlays, which is the primary reason why the home based business model has been and will continue to be the primary business model of choice. It does not require a large outlay of cash to get started. It can be an economic vehicle to navigate one through the last few critical years of their career into retirement and beyond! Most Boomers are running out of time and options. Boomers because of their vast amount of life experiences have the wisdom and the know how to work productively smarter rather than harder.

The key decision is to align your passion/calling with a partner company or organization that can support the execution of your mission. Selection of a company to partner with is most critical, because you the business owner values and the company’s value system must agree. The company also must demonstrate over time an ability to provide innovation in its product line and a financial track record of stability while having an outstanding management/leadership team. The company must offer it’s business owners great web and internet resources as well as field support so the business owners can serve it’s customer base in an efficient and profitable manner. Pure and simple the company must be a reliable business partner.

The first step in one’s business due diligence is to make sure that all products offered are scientifically tested and are validated through peer review studies. Most products on the market today are not studied under the peer review standard.

Secondly, you must offer patented consumer products that serve large market segments of the population, such as Health and Wellness, Weight Loss, Green, Health Care, Anti Aging, etc., just to name a few of the growth sectors of the economy. Patents differentiates your product offers in the market place from big box stores such as health food stores and Costco. You must develop strong customer loyalty with your clientele for your products for reorders which is essential to building a sustainable passive residual income.

Thirdly, your company product offers must be global in reach and operate in many countries.

And lastly but most critical, the company must provide a systematic step by step fast track marketing plan for the business owner to be profitable in the first 90-120 days of operations. You want to plug in to a proven marketing system and be off to the races.

Stay at home parents, recent college graduates with large student loan debt, displaced workers who have experienced multiple layoffs and previous business owners are all using the home based business model as their financial vehicle of choice.

Global economics are changing so fast, and the financial impact to our families are unimaginable and unpredictable so it is important to get into the game while the window of opportunity is still open. The time is now, the future is here!