The Death of Megaphone Marketing, Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

The Death of Megaphone Marketing, Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

Online marketing is going through many changes, what else is new. New updates to search engine optimization and death to old tricks that used to work, are real. Megaphone marketing, or, more specifically mass non-targeted marketing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore. This is the new age, and you need to take steps to work with the new systems. I am changing my marketing system as well. Here is a group of concepts you need to embrace. To make certain you avoid the old and stay out of the cold, here are the steps to take.

First, content is everything, keep updated on the newest technology and updates out there. You had better understand SEO like the back of your hand. Those creepy back linking tricks just don’t work. Panda and Penguins can be your friend if you let them. Google is getting huge, listen to what they have to say. Use Google webmaster tools, completely revamp your site if necessary.

Second, treat every type of social marketing as a class in college, don’t get left behind. If you are blasting your social media with your opportunity, get out of that mindset. Try something different, try to provide content that engages folks. Give them content that gives them solutions. Throw them a bone, give em’ some advice. Post valuable information outside of your marketing scope the new, “funnel”, is helping people find what they are looking for.

Third, unless you have success with it, spend minimal time on safe lists and splash, non-targeted, or, semi-targeted marketing. It is fading. Drop the Megaphone marketing, if it is giving you success by all means continue. I haven’t found much success with this at all.

Fourthly, think of your website/SEO techniques like a party. Ask yourself this, would you want to talk to yourself at a party. Do you treat your, “friends”, on social media as true friends, or targets. I personally have done so in the past. No, I haven’t lied to anyone. I wasn’t twiddling my mustache like a character in a bad cartoon. I wasn’t trying to get them to believe something that isn’t true. I wanted to be successful. I suggest you try this new approach. Help them before you help yourself.

In conclusion, try to be more sincere. There are ways of helping people through online marketing, the S.E.O people get this now. The scam folks will always find a way to get themselves known. Their longevity, is dated. Give your friends what hey ask for. I from the heart, sincerely BA.