The Ethical Concerns Of List Building As A Home Business

The Ethical Concerns Of List Building As A Home Business

There is a singular ethical concern in choosing to use list building as a means of home business. Have you ever heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’? Well, interestingly enough, this statement has merit within the internet marketing arena.

However, there is a huge ethical concern surrounding the use of this technique to make a living online: This method increases failure rates within the home business industry. Yet, you will not find any evidence of these concerns amongst most of the marketers utilizing this online strategy.

It’s essential for readers to understand two key things in order to identify with the ethical concerns surrounding list building: How list building essentially works; How list building accentuates the failure rates within the internet marketing niche.

To best understand what ‘ethical concerns’ exist around list building, you first need to understand how list building works. To build a list in theory is simple. Place a web form on your website which allow visitors the ability to fill in details such as their name and email, which then would get captured into a list from your email service providers such as Get Response or Aweber.

These email service providers allow internet marketers the ability to utilize a function called ‘follow-up messages’, which is the ability to load custom, pre-formatted email messages that are designed to target certain internet marketing offers.

Website owners usually offer free ebooks, memberships, or some type of free subscriptions in order to lure people into filling in their details on these types of list building forms. The more traffic driven to these types of sites, the more people or subscribers are then added to their list. This list then grows into a melting pot of potential affiliate marketing sales with the process of follow-up email offers.

On the surface this list building process is an efficient method to manage subscribers or members and provides an excellent means of contact and support. However, when it comes to soliciting affiliate offers, this list building platform has profound ethical concerns. Mainly, in how it only serves to strengthen the marketer’s position to make multiple sales over time from each subscriber. Conversely, it further weakens the subscriber’s chances of succeeding with their initial purchase of an internet marketing product or service because they are endlessly persuaded into trying something else.

Did you know the top two reasons people fail to make money online are because they either get duped into purchasing a product or system that does not work or they cannot stay focused long enough to allow the product or system to yield any results? Well for the sake of this argument, let’s focus on people who’ve purchased a quality internet marketing product.

One of the main reasons people lack the resolve to stay with a particular home business endeavor is because they are constantly being bombarded with email after email soliciting the next best internet marketing product. This event exists solely out of the list building process and the fact that a person has signed up for multiple email lists previously. This has become a normal occurrence within the internet marketing arena, and for this reason it now raises ethical concerns for those choosing to make a living using this tactic.

The ethical dilemma with list building is a difficult argument to make on account of the huge online profits being made from those owning large lists. However, the dark cloud being casted over the make money at home niche on account of the escalating failure rates is a serious problem that will have to be addressed at some point in the future. For now, it is recommended for anyone purchasing an internet marketing product or service to immediately end any subscriptions to email marketing lists to reduce the chances of being persuaded into buying something else before following through with existing purchase.