The Network Marketing Ethics to Stand Out and Have A Good Name

The Network Marketing Ethics to Stand Out and Have A Good Name

This will hands down be the most crucial piece of content you will ever read when it comes to network marketing ethics. Here’s why: You absolutely MUST operate with all ethical standards inside of this industry, because if you don’t you will lose something more precious than gold and silver.

Of course, as my title implies we are talking about your name, specifically, what you are known for, specifically, what you have done for others, specifically, how are you impacting people, and how are you operating your business.

What I will do now is focus on the most common mistakes marketers make while promoting their business AND how to course correct along the way if you are making any of these blunders.

The first topic that pops into mind when we discuss the ethics inside of this industry is the income disclaimer. Often times on social media I notice people write our ridiculous claims such as, “Turn $1 into $50,000 in 30 days!”, or “Guaranteed $600 by the end of the month!” This is clearly NOT the right thing to do when promoting MLM.

My reasoning comes from experience, and from being inside of a company where our corporate attorney made it perfectly clear that we MUST always disclose average earnings, and that we can NEVER guarantee any sort of income whatsoever. This is liability for a lawsuit, and I share this with you today because if you are making this mistake then STOP, and ALWAYS include a disclaimer in your marketing, ALWAYS.

Now the second mistake I see being done inside of the industry, especially in social media, is the fact that people degrade other people, marketers, and even business opportunities.

Look, we’re all in the same industry and if you or someone you know is bashing another person, place, thing, or idea why in the world would someone ever want to work with them?

The best policy to use when approached to talk about another company is to shine light on that topic and that’s it. Always speak in the best terms about every company that you see, and if someone is doing something shady and it’s obvious just don’t even talk about it. You make better use of your time and energy if you just focus on personally producing and building your business.

Last common mistake I see in the industry is improper marketing. What do I mean? I mean the fact that people think they can flash money, or they can constantly pitch all the time providing NO VALUE whatsoever, and still think they’re going to be a heavy hitter. This comes from misinformation and improper guidance, and unfortunately most people DON’T KNOW they’re doing this.

The remedy? STOP IT IMMEDIATELY, and focus on giving more value into the market place. The value you give will serve more people, and additionally you’ll also get more business as a result of being valuable, with people asking for your link to join on the spot.