The Sexiness of Quitting: Before You Quit Your Day Job

The Sexiness of Quitting: Before You Quit Your Day Job

The Sexiness of Quitting

I quit my job! I told my boss to shove it! I fired my supervisor! I told my company to go to H. E. Double Hockey Sticks! The sexiness of quitting your job. It’s the dream of the entrepreneur. Home business owners practice their speeches. They can’t wait to film that YouTube video and post it on Facebook.

You crave those conference calls and hangouts where people tell their story about quitting. You listen every week and you get discourage as you hear more and more people quitting and you are still stuck in your job prison cell.

When can you quit? When can you tell your story and have people praise you? You think about all the free time you will have. The 12 second commute from your bed to your computer. Punching that clock is over and its smooth sailing ahead. Victory is at Hand! Shout it out, “I Quit My Job!”

Before you quit your day job. I am going to hit you with some truth. You still have to punch a clock when you quit. The only difference is you own the clock. Meet your new bosses; the vendors, clients, customers, employees, and your family. The monsters you have to answer to now are food, bills, basic clothing, and that dude called Murphy’s Law. Life doesn’t stop because you quit your day job. You don’t live in a bubble.

Reality Vs. Sexiness

No one talks about the struggle while they are in it. You don’t hear the stories of being in the storm until after the storm is over. Don’t let the sexiness of quitting your job cloud your reality. Those people who quit their jobs struggled in their businesses. Some of them for years. Are you ready to put in the marathon work?

It’s estimated that 97% of people who quit their jobs are looking for work a year later. The Small Business Administration says 9 out of 10 businesses fail in their first 5 years. It’s even worse for the home business industry. It’s estimated that 98% of home based business fail to make even $100 per day. That’s $3000 dollars per month. Most people fail to make their investment back.

People forget that their home business was creating extra income and not replacing their income. They forget that they are still in debt, they don’t have an emergency fund, and you still have to eat, travel, and take care of the same bills that existed before you quit. The electricity company doesn’t care if you have a dream. They don’t accept dreams as payment. The supermarket takes cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards. They don’t accept ambition, intentions, or goals.

The reasons why home business owners go back to working at a job is simple. Their business failed to make sales. They didn’t sell enough products to support their current lifestyle. Some people went in to debt to expand their business. You believe the good debt vs. bad debt myths. You upgraded your business and now you have another bill. Upgrading your business doesn’t guarantee sales so now you added another payment to you your expenses.

It’s All About Sales and Your Work Income

This might surprise you. You have to make sales. Depending on your product or services you need to make sales everyday. Every month if you are selling high-end products like real estate. When you are working your day job it looks like you are making sales because you are making extra income. When you leave your job that extra income stream looks small.

You might have a plan before you quit your job. Most people let the allure of riches and wealth keep them from using common sense. Your work income helped you buy more products, marketing, paid for trips, and trainings. Your work income is your quickest way to wealth and paying off your debts. Now you want to cut it. Your job may give you retirement benefits and health insurance. If you quit you will lose all that and it comes out of your pocket now.

Worst if you fail at your business you have to scramble to get another job. You might have to take a job that paid less than the one you left. Nothing is worst than going back to getting a job after you told everyone you were quitting. Especially if you go back to the same employer you left a year before. I am telling you to keep your day job and build your wealth part-time. I know this bucks the trend in the home based business industry. I am stepping on toes here. Keep your darn job.

Fall in Like with Your Job

Fall in like with your job. If you suck on your job you will suck in your business. Poor practice makes for poor performances. Respect your employer and give your best while you are there. Wallace Wattles mentions this in The Science of Getting Rich. Perform well while you are at work. Stop day dreaming of your prison break. Prison breaks are rarely successful.

Look for parallels between your job and your business. How does your employer treat customers and vendors? How do they communicate with their employees? How do they conduct their meetings? How do they bring in new business and create loyal fans? What marketing do they use? Learn from your employer and implement their techniques into your business.

Use your Down Time

Use your commute time, breaks, and lunches to work on your business. It’s your time and you can use it as you wish. Stop the cooler talk, the gossip about Scandal, and work your business. Make some follow-up calls, learn some marketing, read, or listen to audio. Personal development is great during these times.

Tomorrow I will give you ten steps to do before you quit your day job. This is a plan you can follow to help you succeed in following your business goals.