Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Online? A Few Things You Need to Create MLM Wealth Without Stress

Who wants to be a millionaire online and rank among the top-rated sellers in the MLM industry, even if you are a new recruit in the business? It’s not an exaggeration that you can create lasting wealth from network marketing. Here, you would discover a few things that you need to know, if you want to create wealth with little start-up capital and without any hassle.

Is MLM a Residual Income Stream?

It’s been an established fact that any business idea that is able to generate residual income is the most profitable and lasting investment that deserves one’s attention. If MLM really falls into that class, how could one create wealth from it, as a new recruit? Most people who sign up as independent distributors often get frustrated as a result of little or no experience. Sometimes, they might venture into the business through a sponsor who is either inexperienced about the MLM company or who is not really serious about building a sales team with his or her new recruits. These and many more are the challenges that have made many people to conclude that MLM is a time-wasting and a money-wasting business.

Generally speaking, as a network marketer, you are possibly in search of quick and fast ways to reach the top in your business efforts so that a residual income funnel can be established for you and your family. Now that you have discovered that MLM is a great source of residual income for any person who wants to be a millionaire online, there is no point in giving yourself to a trial-and-error style of marketing. If you want to be a millionaire online, you must learn all the Internet marketing systems that gurus harness to make great sales from their products.

Defining Your Target Audience or Customers

Well, it’s good to carry out word-of-mouth advertising for your business. In fact, that method cannot be underestimated; but then, there is a large number of ready customers in present times when you consider the Internet. If you are really serious about making a million dollars in the next three to five years, you must take your business online.

Today, millions of people go online to make some research before they make a buying decision. Even, if the products would have to be shipped to them, they would still search the net to find the best deals. In addition, there are millions of people who are looking for job opportunities that would offer them some reasonable earnings per month.

Therefore, as a network marketer, you have to target these two classes of Internet users:

* Potential buyers of a particular range of products you want to market
* Job seekers
The direct selling of the products goes to the first class of people while you have to recruit as many job seekers as possible in your sales team. Always recall that the residual income is in building your sales team.

Creating a Sales Funnel

From the foregoing, it becomes obvious that you need a platform that would connect you with these classes of people. You need a personal website to promote your MLM products. Get an expert to create an attractive and high-converting lead capture page for you so that you can build a list of people who are seeking for jobs as well as individuals who may likely have an interest in buying the MLM products only. Remember that some people just want to buy the products while not necessarily willing to join the MLM business. So, let them be your customers.

For the lead capture to be highly converting, you should have a free offer to give, and this could be a newsletter subscription, a short report or an e-book. Then, begin to drive pre-qualified traffic to your site. There are several ways to bring visitors to your lead capture page, and these include the following:

* Article submission to directories
* Social networking
* Social bookmarking
* Podcast
* Press Releases
* Classified ads

Among all, submission of articles to directories is the best in terms of both short-term and long-term benefits. Give it a space of 6 -12 months, if you can submit 1 article per day, you would be able to generate 50 – 100 leads per day. Side by side with your website, you need an autoresponder service that would help you to automatically send messages to your subscribers on a daily basis so as to share with them some helpful tips on the MLM business and the products. The messages should be 100 -150 words in length.

In fact, this system would help you to train subscribers who might join the business through you because you would look like an expert in their view; it would also show that you are a credible sponsor who is interested in their success. Indeed, It doesn’t take any mental exertion before you can build such a sales funnel for yourself. As a MLM salesman who wants to be a millionaire online, you need to follow these strategies with consistency and determination.